Recognizing that we are responsible for children guides every one of our actions.  First and foremost, we are aware of the physical and emotional safety of our charges.  All our actions and procedures flow from there.  Next, attending to the intellectual welfare of the students, we will endeavor to enlighten and educate in the most efficient and adept manner we can muster at all times.


We assume our children know what “TECH” is, but is that always the case? Today’s students bask in almost science-fiction like wondrousness and it seems nothing is impossible. That wonder brings both challenge and opportunity as we seek to prepare them for the exciting future that lies ahead.

Tech-Class is where your child is introduced to today’s cutting-edge technology that will frame tomorrow’s world! In this course, students are offered an introduction to the ground-breaking technology they will need to thrive in an increasingly competitive and exciting world. Our belief is that the faster children can become acquainted with technology in a structured and directed manner, the more they will be able to flourish with it.

First, it is necessary to expose our Techno-nauts to as wide a spectrum of technology as possible. Second, we aim to arm students with a foundational understanding of what these tools are built upon and how they work. Tech-Class is a planned curriculum that balances a paced combination of lecture and wild hands-on activity.


I can answer that question with another: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  We start small, carefully avoiding presumptions about the child’s knowledge, and build their understanding/skill in a basic and accessible step-by-step process.

In Tech-Class, we use what we like to call ‘Invested Learning’.  If we just lectured, the kids would hate us.  Instead, we’re applying the subject in a way that gives the students a reason to care about what we are doing and create a desire to learn.  We use the super-fun tech as a way to “trick” the kids into learning about how it all works.


Virtual Reality

Movie Tech


3-D Printing