Program Goals

  • Teach what “Tech” is
  • Show how it works
  • Impart Foundational Tech Skills

Areas of Study

  • Computer Literacy/Skills
  • Coding
  • Tech Vocabulary
  • Engineering Principles
  • 3-D Printing
  • Drones/Networking


Our Pre-K Tech-Class is unique in that we introduce Technology but also take the time to teach what “Technology” even means and, importantly, how it works!  We start out teaching our Techno-nauts how to identify Tech and then move onto its important components, such as “What is Data?”

We not trying to show the young students how to use different Tech.  We pull back the curtain and teach them how it all works, and why!

The Pre-K Tech-Class uses a deliberately paced curriculum that we’ve developed which will progressively grow your child’s ability with and understanding of Technology.

Your child will have the unique opportunity to be exposed to technology that no other program in nation can offer.