Elementary JR Tech-Class

Pre-K JR Tech-Class


In educating students about technology, we’ve found that the earlier we can get to them, the better!  With that in mind, we’ve developed a Tech-Class curriculum for children as young as 3.  We have 4 new years of curriculum that we use as a foundation for when these Techno-futurists enter into our more advanced class for the older students.

With that in mind, we have:

PreK Junior Tech-Class: In this two year course, we introduce the Tech and, in a structured manner, get them to explore and experience it in a way that gives them competence in its operation and confidence in its use.

Elementary Junior Tech-Class: For the Kindergarteners and 1st graders, we’re able to kick it up a notch.  We have a strong focus on foundational computer skills, since this will propel all learning down the line.  Further, we give a strong but appropriately paced introduction to the Tech they will study in more depth when they move onto our Tech-Class for older students.

Your child will have the unique opportunity to be exposed to technology that no other program in nation can offer.