Kindergarteners and 1st Graders

Program Goals

  • Teach what “Tech” is
  • Show how it works
  • Impart Foundational Tech Skills
  • Develop Vital computer use skills like Keyboarding and more!

What is Technology? We assume our children know, but is that always the case? Today’s students bask in almost science-fiction like wondrousness and it seems nothing is impossible. That wonder brings both challenge and opportunity as we seek to prepare them for the exciting future that lays ahead.

Areas of Study

  • Keyboarding + Mouse Skills

  • Computer Literacy

  • Digital Assistants/AI

  • Robotic Control/Instruction

  • Tech Vocabulary
  • Engineering Principles
  • 3-D Printing
  • Drones/Networking

Elementary JR TECH CLASS

What do we do?  The faster children can become acquainted with technology in a structured and directed manner, the more they will be able to flourish with it. Our curriculum has been tested and proven successful with young children, giving your child an introduction to ground-breaking technology they will need to thrive in an increasingly competitive and exciting world.

How does the class work? In Junior Tech-Class our instructors employ a vetted curriculum which is deliberately and methodically paced, while designed to capture the students’ attention and ignite their passions. We start small, carefully avoiding presumptions about the child’s knowledge, and build their understanding/skill in a basic and accessible step-by-step process.  We bring all of the necessary equipment: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, 3D Printers, Drones, Cubetto and more! Importantly, every week will involve fun and challenging development of their Keyboard and Mouse skills. All your child needs to bring is a healthy curiosity and a desire for fun!

What does the class cover? Throughout the course of the year, we will implement modules to cover the areas of study listed above. The modules will vary in length, due to the demands of the schedule as well as accounting for the aptitude of the students as correlated with the subject matter. Every week will include Typing and Mouse development.

Your child will be hands-on with cutting-edge Tech, everything from the Amazon Alexa to 3D Printers to Drones!