Why should the government get all the fun? Robots, specifically Drones, are poised to play a huge role in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s Amazon hauling widgets over our heads, or machines working in mines, we are moving into a very new world. In this class, your child will learn, among other things, to be a DRONE PILOT!
As exciting as that prospect is, however, it’s not the best part of the class. Whether it’s piloting a drone, surfing the web, or using an app on your phone, you are witnessing the travels of Data. When you boil all the incredible features of modern technology down, you’re pushing and managing some information from one point to another. Piloting our Drones is the purest form of this management and the greatest teaching tool we could ask for!
Our students will learn the ins and outs of driving their own Drones. As they do that, we “trick” them into learning about Wi-Fi, SSID’s, IP Addresses, Packets, Frames, and MORE! The future will not belong to whoever owns the drones, but to who controls them.