• When?

    Fridays, Starting August 17th, After GA Pre-K


    Classes will take place at the Bright Minds

  • How Much?

    -For GA Pre-K, the course fee is $59.95 and recurs monthly for a total of 10 payments or until cancelled.

    **Please note, cancellations must be in writing (emailed)

    -For Private funded classes, the course fee is also $59.95 and recurs monthly until cancelled.

Class Reminders

  • Class Duration: The classes are 30 minutes long and meet once a week when school is in session.

  • Pricing and Billing: Our price is based on the year-long course fee and is divided into 10 installments for GA Pre-K students and recurring until cancellation for Private funded students..  NOTE: Not all months will necessarily have the same number of classes due to the school calendar. The price of the course does not reflect this. The payments are installments for the whole-year course-fee.

  • Refunds and credits (make-up sessions) will not be issued for non-attendance on a scheduled Tech-Class day, including if your child chooses not to attend for any reason.

  • Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your child’s enrollment at any time. Recurring payments will then cease.

  • Unscheduled School Closure or Session Cancellation: In the event of an unexpected event that pre-empts our class, we will add 15 minutes to the next scheduled sessions to make it up.

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