Other fine programs work on the “science” part of STEM, while we are the only program that focuses exclusively on the “TECHNOLOGY”. Our instructors bring in tech that the students will not get their hands on anywhere else including Drones, Virtual Reality cameras, VR headsets and access to our 15 3D printers in order to teach not only how they work, but how to master them as tools.

Your child will have the unique opportunity to be exposed to technology that no other program in the nation offers.


It is never too early to foster a love and understanding for learning. Our philosophy is: The stronger the Foundation, the taller the Building. The faster children can become acquainted with technology in a structured and directed manner, the more they will be able to flourish with it. The mission is to introduce young children to today’s cutting-edge technology that will frame tomorrow’s world.

The rate of technological development in our world is staggering. First, it is necessary to expose kids to as wide a spectrum of technology as possible. Second, we aim to arm students with a foundational understanding of what these tools are built upon and how they work.


“It may sound odd, but Tech can sometimes be too easy to use.”  Many adults make the mistake of thinking that children know all about technology since they are surrounded by it. They don’t. Give a three-year-old an Ipad and they can use it, but they have no idea how it works.

“We pull back the curtain.”  So many people only have a superficial or surface understanding of Technology.  Our classes arm the kids and allow them to see how things really work.

“Our motto really should be ‘We trick the kids into learning’.”  What we do is awesome fun, but our class is NOT playtime.  We use the fun to trick the kids into learning incredibly important things.

“We use what we like to call ‘Invested Learning’.”  If we just lectured, the kids would hate us.  Instead, we’re applying the subject in a way that gives the students a reason to care about what we are doing and create a desire to learn.  The Drones are a good example.  We use them as a way to “trick” the kids into learning about Networking.

“We’re working to empower the kids.”  Without this knowledge, there is a danger that the students will be cast adrift, subject to the whims and winds of the cosmos.  Our goal is to impart this knowledge so the children can masters of their own destinies.

“We teach the kids “If they Wifi goes down in your house and only one person can fix it, who’s the most important person in the house?  Don’t you want to be that person?” This effectively frames the benefits of our classes.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

“We’re working to prepare the kids for tomorrow.”  Any parent is concerned for their child’s future.  This also frames our class as something necessary and productive, rather than flashy entertainment.

“The world is changing so fast.  We want to make sure our students are ready and can thrive.”  Again, any parent wants to ensure their child’s future success.  This also lends an air of gravitas to what we do.

“The kids would hate it if we just lectured about I.P. addresses and the Cloud, but if we talk about it in the context of getting the Echo to miraculously tell you joke or play your favorite song…..now we have their attention.”

“The future will not belong to whomever talks to the machines, but to those who understand them.”